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The intent of the Authorized External Reviewer requirement is to:

  1. Ensure teams have adequate coaching and support while taking the TFI
  2. Ensure that the scores are meaningful for the purpose of recognition

An Authorized External Reviewer must complete the PBIS:ERATS and may hold any of the following roles:

  1. An external PBIS coach (i.e. this person is not on staff at your school site)
  2. A district level PBIS coach
  3. A PBIS regional trainer/coach
  4. Other professionals who are supporting your implementation and who are not members of your site PBIS team
Examples Non-examples
  • An External PBIS Coach
  • District Level Coach
  • Regional Trainer
  • MTSS Coach
  • Classroom Teacher in your School
  • Administrator at your school
  • Classified site staff

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